We can do simple and extravagant. It all comes down to what you want. If you have photographs and/or stock images already prepared but don’t know what to do next, then we can create something for you based on your specifications.

If you don’t know what you want, let us come up with something for you. Attention to detail and a desire for perfection are paramount in what we do. We can provide covers for ebooks, audiobooks, and print editions in accordance with your chosen printer specifications, KDP, and ACX.

Ebook Covers

Prices start at £80 (about $100)

Audiobook Covers

Prices start at £50 (about $65)

Full Print Covers

Prices start at £100 (about $127)


Give us your vision and we’ll see what we can do. Whether it is a simple production using stills and text or something more elaborate, putting together a mixture of media with a score and effects. If you have entirely your own media that you want to use, we can do that, too. We can also provide two versions of your trailer* at no additional cost, one pre-release (coming soon, etc.) and the other for release (available now, etc.).

Whatever you choose, you’ll end up with an MP4 (H.264) 16:9 video file that you can upload to YouTube, your website, or any other media site of your preference.

*trailers are different in text-only and not in content.

Prices start at £130 (about $165)


Need something to spread the word across your social networks? We can do that. Whether you need a banner or image for your website, Facebook page or Twitter, etc., or perhaps freebies i.e. wallpapers for computers and devices. Alternatively, give us your existing brand logos, book covers or whatever imagery you have and we’ll create something from them for you.

Prices start at £40 (about $50)


Logos and graphics, watermarks, photograph retouching, etc. From simple designs to more intricate ones, we can create something entirely new or work with any existing material that you have.

Prices start at £40 (about $50)


Need an extra pair of eyes? We can help! Wyldwood Books offers proofreading and copyediting services to help you put out your best work. We will correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, usage, typos, and capitalisation based on the Clients preference for either British or American English. For copyediting services, we also note problems with clarity, consistency, and word choice.

Proofreading starts at £0.008 per word (about $0.010)
Copyediting starts at £0.012 per word (about $0.015)


Want to make that book you worked so hard on really shine? Then make sure that the interior looks good. We can do print layouts and formatting set to your printer’s or Print-on-Demand specifications.

Prices start at £0.75 per page (about $0.96)


Not sure how to go about taking your text and making an ebook that stands out? We can take your text and get you set for publishing your book online in EPUB and MOBI formats for all major stores and e-readers.

Prices start at £0.20 per page (about $0.25)


We also offer packages for those that are looking to cover all the bases and save a little in the process.

Basic Cover Package

includes ebook cover and full print cover
Prices start at £160 (about $205)

Premium Cover Package

includes ebook cover, audiobook cover, and full print cover
Prices start at £200 (about $255)

Full Media Package

includes ebook cover, audiobook cover, full print cover, and book trailer
Prices start at £320 (about $410)

If you’re interested in any of the above, contact us for a quote.

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